Mom accused of allowing daughter to strip gets 3 years in prison

Mom accused of allowing daughter to strip gets 3 years in prison

SALEM, Ore. - A mother accused of letting her 17-year-old daughter strip was sentenced to three years in prison Wednesday and must register as a sex offender.

Christina Lopez was unapologetic during a jailhouse interview with KATU News for letting her daughter, Nicole Madril, strip.

"The only thing I did was took my daughter money to eat on," she said. "Like I told my attorney and the DA, I would do it again."

Originally, she told KATU News during an interview in December 2011 that she was outraged the club let her underage daughter strip. She said she learned Madril was stripping when she found high-heeled shoes in her bedroom.

"When I seen they were big and ugly like this, I knew something was up," she said at the time. "It makes me sick. Makes me sick thinking she's 17, but to me she still has a little kid's body."

But video from Presley's Playhouse in Salem shows she wasn't telling the truth. She knew her daughter was stripping because the video shows her placing money down for her near the stage as her daughter was working.

"Four dollars was rolled up, and I threw it and got up and walked out," she said Wednesday.

In the past, her daughter said her mother visited her at the club for various reasons, including giving her money for medicine or to get her to stop stripping.

In jail Wednesday, Lopez said she wanted to go to trial but thought the judge was heartless and would give her 20 years. So she agreed to plead guilty and to register as a sex offender for a decade. But she said, "I didn't touch anybody."

"I don't think that's right," her daughter said Wednesday. "She didn't do anything. It's nothing bad. It's not like she prostituted me and she raped a kid."

"And now I'm doing time because she thinks it's easy money to strip," Lopez said. "And I tell her, I tell her: I'm in here because of you."

Originally, Madril said told KATU News she was stripping to make money for her 2-year-old daughter. But Lopez said Wednesday that she was the one taking care of that little girl, who is now in foster care.

Madril, who is now 18, went on to strip at another club.