'Most wanted' mystery man nabbed in Portland had $1M in cash

'Most wanted' mystery man nabbed in Portland had $1M in cash »Play Video
Lawmen count up the cash found in Bobby Thompson's possession. KATU Image.

PORTLAND, Ore. - "Ive seen him one other time," bartender Ian Sieren said. "He has a very ... unusual face. So I recognized him"

The man's name is another story, since he has lots of them and so far, no one has said who he really is. He also had a whole lot of money with him.

The man U.S. Marshals are calling Bobby Thompson - for now - was arrested Monday after leaving Biddy McGraw's pub in Southeast Portland. His true identity remains a mystery. Aliases include Ronnie Brittain and Elmer Dosier, among others.

Bartender Sieren said the credit card Thompson used to pay for his drinks read Anderson Yazi. U.S. Marshals also exhibited numerous photos of Thompson, all with a different look.

Investigators said Thompson has lived a life on the move. They said he swindled people across 40 states out of millions of dollars in 2010, money he claimed was destined to help a charity benefiting Navy veterans in 2010.

"He was shocked and surprised when we ran up on him" in Portland, Pete Elliot with the U.S. Marshals said.

Police said they found some of the money in a suitcase following Thompson's arrest and spent much of a recent day counting it. The total: over $1 million in cash.

When being booked into jail, Thompson signed the booking sheet with an "X".

A U.S. Marshal testified in court in Portland that Thompson, or whatever his real name is, is the man they were looking for.

Thompson is now headed back to Ohio to face fraud charges.

"It's always interesting to see who passes through your doors," Sieren said.

Video of investigators counting up piles of cash: