Murder suspect's son: 'The whole thing is a tragedy for everybody'

Murder suspect's son: 'The whole thing is a tragedy for everybody' »Play Video
Nathan Curtis

PORTLAND, Ore. -- It's hard to walk in Nathan Curtis' shoes, wading through what looks like war zone. The sting of tear gas still there a month-and-a-half later.

It’s a mess that used to be his father's home.

“I was very upset when I heard about it, because my dad is not a violent person," Curtis says. "He's not an evil person.”

Curtis' father, Gary Lewis, was arrested last month, charged with killing his tenant Renee Sandidge.

Lewis was trying to evict Sandidge.

Neighbors say Sandidge would do things like turn off the home's power while Lewis was cooking dinner.
“So there was an ongoing conflict with police here a lot,” said Curtis. “And a lot of yelling and screaming back and forth between my dad and the lady.”

Prosecutors believe Lewis to killed Sandidge on June 7.

According to court documents Lewis' teenage daughter, Nathan Curtis’ sister, told police she heard "moaning" and "whipping" sounds in the back yard.

Curtis’ sister told police she saw her father dragging a tarp toward a shed.

A woman's legs were sticking out from underneath.

“I'm just devastated. I'm his son, but I feel worse for my sister,” says Curtis. “She saw something disturbing too. And now she can't even talk to her dad and she doesn't know if and when she can see him again.”

Nathan Curtis believes his dad and Renee Sandidge both needed mental help.

“My dad maybe was starting to get really frustrated, and become very, you know, agitated and maybe a little bit desperate and that he thought just, I don't know, it's just crazy," he said. "You know, the whole thing is a tragedy for everybody.”

Police heard banging noises when they first arrived at the home to search for Renee Sandidge, but no one responded when they yelled her name.

The home had a number of surveillance cameras.

Police took a digital video recorder for the surveillance system as evidence, though there's no indication whether they found any evidence on it's recordings.