Mutilated animal found in Southeast Portland park

Mutilated animal found in Southeast Portland park

PORTLAND, Ore. – Several people walking in a popular Southeast Portland park over the weekend found a mutilated animal, possibly a cat, cut and burned and lying by a pet carrier.

They found the animal about 50 feet up the old Holgate Trail on Powell Butte.

While they think it was a cat, they say it was hard to tell, because someone had burned it and put yellow "caution" tape around the body.

Dylan Brady, on a walk on the trail, stopped to take a closer look at the tape and broken pet carrier. He saw the animal wrapped in bloody cloth.

"It's not something you expect to walk up on (during) a Sunday stroll through Powell Butte Park," he told KATU News on Wednesday. "It looked to me that it had been burned badly on one side, like the bottom side, as if someone had set it down on something hot," Brady said.

Brady has three small dogs about the same size as the animal he saw.

"It's very shocking that there are other people in the community who would do this to an animal," he said.

Evidence someone had spent some time in the area was found nearby – ashes from a small campfire and yellow caution tape.

There was no word from Portland police on whether they have any clues on who did it.

There was a case of cat mutilation in an Oregon City cemetery. Police said Wednesday the cat died of a broken neck before it was impaled on a fence at Mountain View Cemetery sometime over the weekend.

It also had injuries consistent with abuse. Police believe it was only four to five months old. They do not think it was a feral cat. They're now trying to find who owned the kitten. It didn't have a microchip.

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