Neighbors rally behind man to clean up tree that fell on house

Neighbors rally behind man to clean up tree that fell on house
Henry Linebaugh works to clean up a tree that fell on his Southeast Portland home.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Nobody wants a tree to fall on their house, but at least Henry Linebaugh is well-equipped to handle what Mother Nature gave him on Sunday evening.

When winds and rain hit Portland on the first day of fall, the maple in Linebaugh’s Southeast Portland yard came crashing down – right onto his home.

Linebaugh didn’t seem to miss a beat, however. Linebaugh strapped on some climbing gear and got to work cleaning up the mess.

His family owned a tree service in Southern Oregon so he knows his way around downed trees.

He may have had experience on his side, but at age 67 he doesn’t have youth.

“I’m just too told,” Linebaugh told us. Still, he added that he “got to do what I got to do.”

He then told a KATU reporter he promised to be careful.

Neighbors who know Linebaugh weren’t necessarily worried about him, although they did want to help him out.

“I saw it this morning on the news,” said Carl Loomis. “I’m like ‘I might as well go over there and see if he needs any extra hands.’ I know this can be a pretty big job. I’ve been through it before.”

Loomis was the first to show up, but before long others joined him.

Linebaugh continued working to saw away smaller portions of the damaged tree. Before long, only the skeleton of the tree remained.

He questioned if he had the energy to finish the job, but by that point 15 neighbors had arrived.

By 1 p.m. they had rigged enough ropes to fully remove the tree off the house.

"Thank God for neighbors and thank God for Channel 2," Linebaugh said.