Neonatal nurse arrested for selling drugs denies charges

Neonatal nurse arrested for selling drugs denies charges

BEAVERTON, Ore. - A Beaverton nurse charged with selling heroin and meth told KATU News Thursday night she never put her young patients in danger.

Beaverton police arrested Rachel Harp, 33, of Beaverton, and charged her with unlawful possession and delivery of heroin and methamphetamine on Sept. 6.

Police said they found heroin and meth in her house and vehicle two weeks ago and some of it was packaged for sale.
Along with Harp, police arrested Gregory Hackney, 37, of Portland. He was charged with possessing heroin.

In the wake of her arrest two weeks ago, Harp went on medical leave from St. Vincent Hospital where she is employed as a neonatal intensive care unit nurse, working with ill and prematurely born babies.

Asked if she ever used or sold drugs while working, Harp responded, "I've never sold drugs, no. And no, I have never been on drugs when I've been at work, no. Patient safety is extremely important to me and I would never, ever risk one of those tiny babies’ lives, ever."

Harp told KATU she relapsed two months ago and is going through rehab now.
She maintained she is not a drug dealer and she never put kids at risk.

"I know that I'm not going to go to work if I am putting somebody's life in danger. I wouldn't do that," Harp said. "And I didn't use before, around or any time in that proximity to where I was going to be at work."

She said the drugs that were found in her house didn't belong to her but to someone who had stayed overnight.

St. Vincent administrators are not commenting on the drug charges. Beaverton police said there is no connection with the hospital.