BoltBus shows riders just how far $1 tickets can go

BoltBus shows riders just how far $1 tickets can go »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Bolt Bus service, with its enticing $1 ticket fares to Seattle, rolled into downtown Portland for the first time Wednesday morning

The 50-passenger BoltBus is in Pioneer Courthouse Square until 5:30 p.m. Wednesday promoting its Thursday service launch. BoltBus officials touts the bus as the first premium bus service in Portland, offering fares as low as $1, which include free Wi-Fi, extra leg room in comfortable leather seats and power outlets at every seat.

It seemed the $1 fare was the hot topic for curious people who meandered over to the bus Wednesday morning and asking what the catch was.

"Well, there really isn't a catch," said General Manager David Hall. "It's just a pretty good deal.

Hall said the earlier riders book a ticket on Greyhound's new bus, the cheaper the seats. There's always at least one seat per ride that will be $1. Depending on the day of the week, there could be more.

"Kind of like the airlines or hotels do," Hall said. "The busier it is, the fuller you are, the higher the price is ... so middle of the week it might be $12, $15 bucks."

Melody Kirkendall's son goes to Seattle frequently to see friends. She said the BoltBus is a good deal.

"The Greyhound I know we spent almost $50 for him to make a round trip just last weekend," she said.

The BoltBus is already a hit on the East Coast. Apparently, people ride it so much that it pays for itself. The ride isn't too shabby either, said customer Michael Hicks, who has ridden Greyhound previously. He said the BoltBus is nicer.

"Yes, much nicer," he said. "And apparently much cheaper."

Currently, the BoltBus makes four trips a day to Seattle and all tickets are $1 during the next few days.

"We try to have a little fun with the brand," Hall said. "The $1 kind of goes along with that."