New location but same medical marijuana shop to open

New location but same medical marijuana shop to open »Play Video
Owner Leslie Miller sets up a medical marijuana display Friday in what will be a new medical marijuana store in Multnomah County. The new store will essentially be the same as the one that Washington County shut down a month ago. (KATU News photo)

TIGARD, Ore. - A new medical marijuana shop plans to open in a few days but it will essentially be the same store that was shut down a month ago.

The Washington County Sheriff's office served 16 search warrants in the last month, seizing more than 700 pot plants and thousands in cash. They said it's all in connection with the "Human Collective" that's no longer in operation.

But "Human Collective Two" is now ready to open. The difference this time is the county it’s in: Multnomah – not Washington County. The new location is also just five minutes from the first location.

The shelves, books and equipment are all coming from the original "Human Collective" in Tigard.

There is a new owner as well: Leslie Miller. She's a former patient and volunteer at the first location and she readily admits she plans to operate the new store in the exact same way.

According to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, that would include violations to state law like making a profit and providing marijuana to people who are not specifically registered to that dispenser.

Miller denied the store ever made a profit and argued the law does not require a specified supplier for an individual.

"What is the patient supposed to do if the grow fails?" she said. "I do believe with all my heart that we are doing the right thing here," she said.

Miller admits she's nervous the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, or a federal agency, could shut her down.

A Multnomah County sheriff's spokesperson said the actions Miller admits she will do are against the law. But it's a matter of enforcement and right now Multnomah County has more than 40 dispensaries. Washington County after this latest bust has zero.