Northeast winter storm snarls air traffic across country

Northeast winter storm snarls air traffic across country »Play Video

PORTLAND INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT -- The monster winter storm hammering the Northeast is wreaking havoc on air travel across the country. Even travelers going nowhere near the storm are being impacted.

"I didn't think there'd be an issue," said Ron McCaughan, who was supposed to fly with his family from Portland to Dallas this morning. "Found out this morning the flight was canceled."

McCaughan's problem is a perfect example of how interconnected the nation's air travel system is. He may only be flying from Portland to Dallas, but his plane may have originated in the Northeast.

"I'm assuming it's because of an originating plane," he said. "They didn't tell us."

Southwest Airlines told McCaughan the soonest he'd be able to fly home is Monday.

"I'm pretty frustrated," he said. "We're contemplating what to do, whether we're going to wait until Monday or whether we're going to try and rent a car and drive back.

There have been nearly a dozen canceled flights out of Portland International Airport today.