NW Portland parking: 'It's kind of a nightmare'

NW Portland parking: 'It's kind of a nightmare'

PORTLAND, Ore. - Free parking in Northwest Portland is certainly a draw for a lot of folks but it also creates problems because there really never seems to be anywhere to park.

"It's kind of a nightmare," a woman told us when we stopped by the area over the weekend. "There generally isn't very much parking and you have to drive around blocks and blocks to find parking, especially during the holidays."

Mayor Sam Adams is hoping to solve the problem with a combination of parking permits, meters and time limits - before he leaves office in a few weeks.

The idea behind his plan, which will go before the City Council this week, is to free up more parking spaces and allow residents to have their spots as well.

Zones would be created in an area bordered by Interstate 405, West Burnside Street, Northwest Cornell Road and Northwest Vaughn and Thurman Streets.

What do you think about the idea? Do you foresee any problems or do you think this would solve what has been an issue for years? Leave a comment to chime in.