PPB captain files complaint in flap over text messages

PPB captain files complaint  in flap over text messages

PORTLAND, Ore. - One of Portland’s highest-ranking police bureau administrators has resigned following a series of text messages he exchanged with another officer.

An attorney for a fellow high-ranking officer filed legal paperwork with the Portland Police Bureau, claiming the bureau's then-Director of Services Mike Kuykendall engaged in unprofessional behavior when he and a police lieutenant were exchanging text messages. The lawyer claims the messages were disparaging toward Captain Mark Kruger.

In a tort claim filed by Kruger's attorney, the series of text messages were outlined. The messages went back and forth on the personal cell phones of Kuykendall and a police lieutenant, Kristy Galvan.

In those messages, the two talk about Kruger being akin to a Nazi sympathizer, according to the tort claim filing.

Kruger's attorney quoted from five text messages exchanged between Kuykendall and Galvan in June of 2012.

In one message, Kuykendall writes to Galvan that he planned to move her or Kruger, and that, "Kruger has not liked a book since he read Mein Kamph (sic)” referring to a book written by Adolf Hitler.
Also outlined in the court documents, Galvan said she "talked to Donna. She heard about my concentration camp situation."

During the course of another message exchange, Galvin texted to Kuykendall “I wish he’d ship out. I’ll research if Auschwitz is in need of a police captain," according to the filing.

Chief Mike Reese accepted Kuykendall's resignation last week and has not publicly commented on the messages.

In 2010, Kruger was suspended for two weeks without pay by then-Mayor Sam Adams for putting up a plaque at Rocky Butte that honored German soldiers in World War II.

The plaque, which was put up 13 years ago, was removed and Kruger apologized. He denied at the time that he had any sympathy for the followers of Adolf Hitler.

The resignation of Kuykendall has led to a leadership shake-up inside the bureau.

In a press release issued Monday the chief announced that Asst. Chief Eric Hendricks will take over for Kruger leading the Services Branch. Hendricks formerly led the Investigations Branch.

Commander Donna Henderson was promoted to assistant chief and will take over the Investigations Branch.

KATU News has not confirmed if the “Donna” referred to in the text messages is Cmdr. Donna Henderson.

Kruger had been with the department since 1994.