Packy turns 50!

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Packy the elephant is turning 50 years old April 14, and the Oregon Zoo is celebrating with a birthday bash featuring music, games and cake. Photo by Michael Durham, courtesy of the Oregon Zoo.

PORTLAND, Ore. - Packy turned 50 years old this weekend and the Oregon Zoo held a big party on Saturday to celebrate their famous elephant's birthday.

Packy first gained national attention when he was born on April 14, 1962. At that time, he was the first elephant to be born in the Western hemisphere in 44 years. Here's a retrospective the zoo put together for Packy's 50th:

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Veterinarian Who Delivered Packy Passed Away This Year

A few months ago, the veterinarian who delivered Packy back in 1962 passed away at age 94.

Dr. Matthew Maberry started working at the Oregon Zoo in 1958 when it was known as the Portland Zoological Gardens.

Even though he was in his 90s, Dr. Maberry was still running a small practice and he made occasional house calls to elderly people who needed care for their animals.

He is also the author of Packy and Me, a book about his personal experience with the elephant.