Parents of baby lost to SIDS get back computer with photos and videos

Parents of baby lost to SIDS get back computer with photos and videos »Play Video
Luke Grant in a video on his parent's computer. He died in 2010 from SIDS.

SHERWOOD, Ore. – Two Sherwood parents who had a laptop computer stolen along with an urn holding the ashes of their deceased baby have gotten the computer – and the precious photos and videos stored on it - back.

Barney and Katie Grant’s son Luke died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, in 2010 when he was just six months old. The urn with his ashes was stolen during burglary on May 9. The computer with photos and videos of Luke was also taken, along with some other items.

In late May, the urn was returned to the Grants, but it was empty - the ashes of their child were gone.

The Grants were told the ashes were most likely dumped on a rose bush on Mother's Day and they now have that plant in their possession.

Three people, Shawn Johnson, Crystal Castillo and Jennifer Condon, have been arrested so far.  Investigators told KATU News they may make more arrests.

Barney Grant said police told him they “knew the person they thought had [the computer] and they got it from that person.”

The photos and videos of Luke were still on the stolen computer. The Grants said they will back up the computer to protect the files in the future.

Katie Grant said the return of the computer goes far beyond the material worth of the item. Barney Grant said he hopes the people who stole the items end up doing "hard time."