Parking fines spike in Portland

Parking fines spike in Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. - Being a parking scofflaw in Portland just got a lot more expensive.

Beginning Thursday, a ticket for "having no meter receipt" jumped to $60, according to Cheryl Kuck with the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

The cost of a citation for overtime parking - where you paid for your parking but stayed over the time limit - remains at $39, Kuck said.

Parking in a spot that requires a permit - assuming you don't have one - will set you back $80. Parking you car in a truck loading zone while you dash in for a coffee will cost $90 - even if you put on those hazard lights.

Make sure you have license plates on your vehicle. If you don't and you also don't have a temporary tag, it's $80 again.

Fines are also increasing for overtime parking in timed spots and for illegally parking in a  carpool zone.

Portland transportation officials said the increases put Portland on par with parking fines in other cities of similar size.

Most of the increases take effect Thursday. The truck loading zone ticket increase will take effect in July, officials said.