Phone scammer targeting local hotels

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GRESHAM, Ore. -- If you're planning to travel this upcoming holiday season, you'll want to be vigilant when it comes to staying in hotels or motels.

One scammer is targeting a Gresham hotel, calling it over and over again, which prompted the hotel to change some of its policies.

The Gresham Super 8 has been the constant target of one scammer who continues to call the hotel, asking to be connected to a certain room number. However, when the front desk clerk asks for the name of the person in the room the caller is looking for, the caller hangs up. It's a new policy at the hotel to follow up on these calls.

"He's not giving up," the clerk said. "If anything, they're trying harder."

The scammer is trying to get credit card information or names and addresses from customers.

"I'm just really afraid when people are traveling for the holiday coming up, that they'll be so busy traveling, they won't remember to guard their privacy," said hotel employee Becky McWrightman.

McWrightman has taken the most calls from the same man -- at least three of them this past Friday night.

"I think it's just disgusting," she said.

McWrightman said she found out it was happening from a customer who received a call. The scammer pretended to be a hotel employee calling from the front desk. He claimed there was a power surge and he needed to re-enter her credit card number.

"Apparently, the man on the telephone kind of bullied her and said, 'Really, ma'am. We're very busy down here. Why are you giving us such a hard time?'" McWrightman said.

The hotel guest didn't fall for it, but McWrightman is worried other have fallen for it.

"I was just scared to death," McWrightman said. "I wondered how many telephone calls had come in that I put through that he might have gotten someone's information from."

McWrightman and her other co-workers want to warn others -- and the scammer, too.

"I just want him to know it's not going to work at this property," McWrightman said.

The hotel does not have caller ID, so there was no chance to try to track down the scammer.