Pipe breaks, flooding North Portland streets

Pipe breaks, flooding North Portland streets
The road buckled after an eight-inch water main broke Friday morning at N. Lombard and Reno in Portland. (Photo from Portland Water Bureau)

PORTLAND, Ore. – An eight-inch water main broke in North Portland on Friday morning, sending water spewing onto residential streets.

The flooding started at the intersection of N. Lombard and Reno right around 5:30 a.m., according to emergency dispatchers.

A water bureau spokesman said an eight-inch cast iron pipe broke and caused the street to buckle. There was no sinkhole as some people previously reported.

Neighbor Brooke Nicholls said she walked outside to find water flowing down her street.

“There is a ton of water,” Nicholls said. “The water extends for at least five or six blocks. It doesn’t really look like a sinkhole. It’s more of a gaping hole in the road.”

She said when she first saw the flooding water was spewing like a geyser, but it has since receded a bit.

Firefighters and other city crews were on the scene trying to contain the flooding and fix the pipe. They hope to have it repaired by the end of Friday.

It’s not clear if any homes were damaged. Nearby residents did not lose water service, a water bureau representative said.