Police: Man attacks, injures officer after jaywalking warning

PORTLAND, Ore. - Portland Police said it took five police officers to subdue a man who attacked an officer Monday night after the suspect was advised to use a crosswalk instead of jaywalking in Northeast Portland.

Police said the incident began at about 10:15 p.m. near NE Killingsworth Street and 72nd Avenue when Officer Jakhary Jackson told 41-year-old Thomas Jack Carlson to use a crosswalk when he jaywalked in front of Jackson's police car.

Police said the officer told Carlson to use the crosswalk so he would not get hit by a car.

Carlson began yelling profanities and advanced on Officer Jackson, who police said was still seated in his marked patrol car. Jackson then pulled his car forward to put some space between himself and Carlson while calling for assistance.

Officer Jackson got out of his car to talk to Carlson and calm him down, but police said Carlson charged at Jackson. Jackson fired his Taser at Carlson but police said the stun weapon had no effect on him.

Police said Carlson hit Jackson with his shoulder and while Jackson tried to regain his balance, Carlson hit him in the back of the head with a large glass beer mug, knocking him to the ground.

Jackson continued to call for backup as the struggle continued and was able to get back on his feet. Police said Jackson then used pepper spray on Carlson which again had no affect.

The two men continued to fight across a 50-yard long section of sidewalk and police said Officer Jackson also used his baton on Jackson, hitting him several times but again, to no effect.

Other officers arrived on the scene and police said Carlson was hit again with a Taser. The stun weapon knocked Carlson down but police said it ultimately took a total of five officers to subdue and get handcuffs on him.

Officer Jackson was taken to a Portland hospital for a head injury police said required three staples. He was later released.

Carlson was also taken to a hospital with minor injuries and was later released and taken to the the Multnomah County Jail where he was charged with assault, assaulting a public safety officer and resisting arrest.

Carlson is due to be arraigned in court Tuesday and his bail is set at $257,500, police said.