Police: Man shot in Vancouver walked a mile to get help

Police: Man shot in Vancouver walked a mile to get help »Play Video
A police officer looks for clues along a road near the Shillapoo Wildlife Recreation Area after a man who had been shot traversed the area near Vancouver Lake. (KATUphoto)

VANCOUVER, Wash. - Vancouver police are looking for a suspect they said robbed, kidnapped and shot an Oregon man in Vancouver before making off with his car early Wednesday morning.

The unidentified 37-year-old victim, who had been shot "at least once" according to police, then walked about a mile through the Shillapoo Wildlife Recreation Area before reaching a group of houseboats.

He knocked on doors at houseboats at Kadow's Caterpillar Island Marina along Lower River Road, asking for help, police said, and was eventually taken to a hospital in serious condition.

Lloyd Kadow, owner of the marina, said the man had been shot six times.

Police said the incident began when the man went to a location in Vancouver where he was kidnapped and brought to Vancouver Lake Park. Once there, he was robbed and shot and police said the suspect drove off in his black 2012 Nissan Sentra.

The car has a temporary license in the window and "Beaverton Nissan" placards in the license plate frames.

Police said they do not think the suspect is a threat to the public and the search for the suspect is ongoing. No suspect description was released.

Police investigators planned to search the area near the marina but said they will wear reflective vests since hunters may be out shooting at birds at the nearby recreation area.