Police: Women injured in Ndamukong Suh car crash

Police: Women injured in Ndamukong Suh car crash
NFL defensive lineman and Grant High School graduate Ndamukong Suh crashed his car Saturday morning in downtown Portland, police said. (Photo courtesy Ryan Faddis)

PORTLAND, Ore. – Two women who were in a car driven by NFL star and Portland native Ndamukong Suh when it crashed were injured in the wreck, a Portland Police spokesman said on Monday. Earlier reports said the two women were not injured.

Despite the revelation, police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson said officers will not further investigate the crash. He said it does not meet their minimum threshold, which is that a crash must involve an intoxicated driver, traumatic injury or a vulnerable road user.

Suh was not cited or charged with a crime after the crash.

Police officers spoke with the women on Sunday, who said they got out of the vehicle before police arrived at the accident scene early Saturday morning. The women told police they left the area to avoid the large crowd that was taking photos of the crash and Suh, Simpson said.

The women told police they called for a ride and left the area to get medical treatment. When news of the crash first got out, police said the two were not injured.

According to the police report, Suh told officers he lost control of his car after trying to drive around a stopped taxi. The car crashed into the curb, a tree, a water fountain and a light pole.

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The two women in the car said they did not see a taxi blocking the road and that Suh was driving “too fast” before the crash, Simpson said.

"I really don't know what happen [sic]. He was driving unsafe," one of the women told officers, according to a police report. "I don't know if there was a taxi. It was just clear to me that we were going too fast."

One of the women called her husband after the crash, who picked them both up and drove the two women to Oregon Health and Science University hospital for treatment.

The police report said one of the victims suffered a cut that required five stitches, a torn shoulder muscle, a black eye and a busted lip. The other victim went to the hospital the next morning and was diagnosed as having a bruised shoulder.

Both women asked police to not released their identity. They claimed they feared retaliation from Suh's friends or family.

Suh is a graduate of Portland's Grant High School. He was the NFL's 2010 defensive rookie of the year. On Tuesday, the league suspended him for two games for stomping the arm of Packers guard Evan Dietrich-Smith.