Police bust car-lot owner, accusing him of selling meth

Police bust car-lot owner, accusing him of selling meth

LONGVIEW, Wash. – Police say a car dealership here was also in the business of dealing meth.

They busted Potts Family Motors and the owner was accused Monday of being in business with the Mexican mafia to pull off his retirement plan.

Police say Sidney Potts sold meth and used the car lot to cover up his crime.

In court Potts was accused of using the car lot to launder money made from selling meth.

"(He) delivered narcotics on a number of occasions, brought in two individuals who are apparently associated with the Mexican mafia and "Sureños" to take over his organization so he could retire to less illicit activities," the prosecutor alleged in court.

Court records say undercover informants bought meth from Potts and others connected to him.

Jim Morgan, Potts' defense attorney said, "We will be able to provide proof of the source of the funds that he's utilizing to organize his business and get going is from legal sources, from family members."

One of those accused of ties to the Mexican mafia is Christian Velasquez from California. He said he's done nothing wrong.

"I came out here to work your honor. I was looking for a job. I've been out here for two days," he testified.

The prosecutor said Potts just got out of Federal Prison two years ago and his prior crimes include bribing a public official.

Justin Jetton, a neighbor of the car lot, watched when police cut through the locked gate at Potts Family Motors. He took photos as police searched cars before seizing them as evidence. He also shot video on his cell phone as police arrested a man at the dealership. He said he was always suspicious of the place.

"After they put the prices on the cars, and never sold anything. So after months of having the prices they never sold anything," Jetton said.

Potts' nephew and girlfriend were also arrested. Court documents say she helped launder drug money and that some of the proceeds were being spent to help her open a beauty salon.