'He was so enraged and screaming and very angry'

'He was so enraged and screaming and very angry' »Play Video
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TUALATIN, Ore. - A man is under arrest after a woman's body was found outside an apartment complex in Tualatin early Saturday morning.

Police were first called to the Tualatin Meadows Apartments in the 18000 block of Southwest 90th Avenue on a report of a disturbance.

When officers arrived, they were flagged down in front of the complex and discovered a woman's body on a front lawn. While they were checking on the deceased woman, a man armed with two knives approached them.

Police took the man into custody and later learned that the two people, 44-year-old Lujar Philippo (the man who was arrested) and 31-year-old Kiorinta Edmond (the victim), lived together at the complex.

Although the medical examiner has not yet issued a cause of death for Edmond, investigators said it was apparent that she died of homicidal violence.

Police did have contact with the victim about five hours earlier. Around midnight, officers responded to the complex to investigate a hit and run.

Police identified Philippo as a possible suspect and stopped by his apartment to try to find him. Edmond was outside the apartment and allowed officers to take a look in the home. Philippo was not located and police said at that point there was no indication that Edmond was having trouble with the man.

Several hours later, neighbors called 9-1-1 to report that there was fighting going on and that's when Edmond was found dead.

"I heard a guy, sounded like two or three people, and a woman's voice screaming and arguing," one neighbor said. "And I heard him fighting and he was so enraged and screaming and very angry."