Police, family of Aaron Campbell settle lawsuit for $1.2 M

Police, family of Aaron Campbell settle lawsuit for $1.2 M »Play Video
Aaron Campbell

PORTLAND, Ore. – The family of a man fatally shot by Portland Police in 2010 settled a lawsuit against police for $1.2 million.

Aaron Campbell, 25, was shot and killed in Jan., 2010 during an incident at the Sandy Terrace Apartments on NE Sandy Boulevard. Four officers were involved in the shooting. One was fired and the 3 others were suspended.

“We are told that this is the most money that the city’s insurer has ever paid out on a claim against the Portland Police Bureau, although in truth it does not seem like enough for the losses we have suffered,” said Campbell’s mother Marva Davis in a family statement.

“We are grateful, however, that we will not have to relive the events of that awful time, and reopen those wounds again," she added. "We are also grateful for the support that we have received from family, friends and members of the community who have supported us throughout."

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“I would like to personally apologize to Aaron Campbell’s family, particularly to his mother, Marva Davis, and his four children,” said Portland Mayor Sam Adams. “Today’s settlement does not erase the Campbell family’s pain, nor does it bring back their father, son, brother, and cousin—and for that, I am very sorry.”

Police showed up at the apartment complex after receiving a 911 call from a person who said Campbell was suicidal and armed with a gun. Campbell's brother died of a heart condition earlier that day and he was despondent.

Police tried to diffuse the situation and spent about an hour communicating with Campbell via text messages. Campbell eventually came outside with his hands on the back of his head.

According to police, they fired non-lethal beanbags when it appeared Campbell was moving very quickly backwards and refused commands to put his hands in the air. Police also said Campbell was yelling at the officers to shoot him.

Police said Officer Ronald Frashour III fired a single shot from a rifle at Campbell when he started running back toward the apartment. Police said they fired on Campbell over concerns about the safety of residents inside the apartments that Campbell was running toward, as well as the safety of fellow officers who were behind the apartments.

The incident sparked controversy over whether police were justified in shooting Campbell.

Campbell's family filed a lawsuit against the City of Portland and the four officers who were there that night: Frashour (who fired the fatal shot), Ryan Lewton, Liani Reyna and John Birkinbine.

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