Man tied up in home invasion robbery, 3 suspects on the loose

Man tied up in home invasion robbery, 3 suspects on the loose »Play Video
Sheriff's deputies say the suspects broke into the home by breaking this sliding glass window (Photo: Washington County Sheriff's Office)

PORTLAND, Ore. – One man was tied up after three robbery suspects broke into a home in the 5400 block of Southwest 181st Place in Portland Friday afternoon near Portland Community College's Rock Creek campus.

Dave Thompson, spokesman for the Washington County Sheriff's Office, said the three suspects came into the house through a sliding glass back door by breaking its window.

A father and son were in the house at the time and the younger man was tied up. The suspects then rummaged through the house and stole money and jewelry.

The man who was tied up lives in Seattle and told KATU News he was just visiting his parents at the house when the men broke into the home. He declined to go into many details but said his parents may have been targeted because they’re from India, and it's part of the culture to have jewelry in their home.

This may not be the first time thieves have hit homes because of the amount of jewelry in them.

In the spring of this year one couple of Indian descent, also in Washington County, had $100,000 in jewelry stolen. They worried other Indian families would be targeted because jewelry is often passed on within families from generation to generation. The sheriff's office confirmed at the time there were at least four similar burglaries within four months all in Washington County.

In Friday's break-in, Thompson said deputies used police dogs to search for the suspects.

No one was injured, he said.

There is only a vague description of the suspects. They are described as black and with thick accents. Two were wearing blue uniforms of some kind and the other one a striped polo shirt. That suspect had a goatee.

One of the men in a blue uniform wore shorts and had gold hoop earrings the size of dimes. He also had a goatee and wore a baseball cap.

There is no description of the getaway car.

Investigators are looking into whether any of the burglaries are connected and they say someone was tied up in one of those other similar cases, too.