Police investigating racist threat at Salem Hospital

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Dau Tucker says she found this hateful message (racist word pixelated) written on the wall of her office at Salem Hospital.

SALEM, Ore. – Salem police are investigating what they are calling a crime of intimidation after words of hate were scrawled on the wall of an employee's office at Salem Hospital.

The woman also found a bullet on her desk and police still don't know who's responsible. They have made no arrests and they don't have any suspects.

It happened almost six weeks ago, but Dau Tucker said she lives in fear every day.

"Is someone watching me, going to shoot me from afar? And I don't know who I'm looking for," she said. "So every person that you encounter through your day, you don't know if that's the individual who did this."

When she walked into her office that day, she noticed the bullet on her desk. It was almost as if it was pointed right at her.

The bullet came with a message.

"LEAVE (N-word) or die," was scrawled in big letters with a metallic silver marker on the wall.

Tucker is half black and half Vietnamese.

She's now worried about her safety.

"After the incident, I varied my schedule, worked from home," she said. "I have my rolling suitcase with my work and work in various places in the hospital. So whomever did this could not know where I'm located."

"We want the person responsible caught and for them to face charges within the fullest extent of the law," said hospital CEO, Norm Gruber in a message posted on YouTube.

Tucker said all the staff has been very supportive.

Salem police are investigating this as a crime of intimidation.

Tucker is an HR worker at the hospital.