Police, neighbors on the lookout for 'Kleenex scam'

Police, neighbors on the lookout for 'Kleenex scam'

VANCOUVER, Wash. - Neighbors are warning neighbors about some strange activity in Vancouver.

On a social networking website dedicated to neighborhoods, several posters said two men and sometimes a woman are knocking on doors, often acting like sales people, according to The Columbian newspaper.

Sometimes, the strangers ask if the household uses Kleenex tissues.
The newspaper reports that several people in the northwestern part of Vancouver said they've experienced the same thing: the person asks to come inside the house, because if they do, their boss – who is watching from a white SUV nearby - will give them $50.
Police warn not to let any strangers into your home and that door-to-door salespeople or surveyors should present clear identification.

No crimes have been reported in connection with the incidents.

Witnesses reported the SUV had no license plates and a temporary permit taped was up inside tinted glass windows.