Police stage 'active shooter drill' inside Portland movie theater

Police stage 'active shooter drill' inside Portland movie theater »Play Video
Police enter a Northeast Portland movie theater during an active shooter drill Tuesday morning. (KATU photo)

PORTLAND, Ore. – Police stormed a Northeast Portland movie theater with guns drawn Tuesday morning.

No one was in danger, however. It was an “active shooter drill” to help police prepare for situations like the deadly shooting at a Colorado movie theater last summer.

The drill started with a simulated phone call reporting shots fired inside the Regal Lloyd Center movie theater. More than 20 officers responded to the scene.

SWAT team members wearing yellow vests lead the drill. Patrol officers in training wore blue vests.

I got to witness the drill firsthand as a movie-goer. I tied a yellow band around my leg to show I was taking part in the drill. A few minutes later, I was told to tie red tape on my leg, meaning I’d been shot.

I waited on the floor of the cinema hallway with the other injured people, hoping help would arrive.

My heart raced a little as I saw and heard them come down the hallway. Their priority was to find the shooter and make sure no one else got hurt.

“Can you walk? Can you walk?” An officer asked us.

An officer grabbed one woman, put her over his shoulder and carried her out. I limped along, trying to get to safety. We were told to take off a belt if we had one and use it as a tourniquet for someone if they have a wound.

When it was all over, police said the suspect killed himself. They arrested another man, who they said wasn’t cooperating.

Tuesday’s drill was the first time Portland police trained inside a movie theater. In the past, they’ve staged active shooter training in schools, office parks and hospitals.

Watch video of the drill shot by Portland Police Sgt. Pete Simpson