Police union president slams Adams over Frashour fight

Police union president slams Adams over Frashour fight »Play Video
Portland Police Association President Daryl Turner at the press conference Tuesday morning. KATU image.

PORTLAND, Ore. - The president of the Portland Police Association accused Portland Mayor Sam Adams of using the controversy over reinstating Officer Ron Frashour for political gain.

"Mayor Adams has turned this into a personal vendetta," Portland Police Association President Daryl Turner said at a news conference Tuesday morning. "And he’s using the hard-earned dollars of taxpaying Portlanders as his personal checkbook to extend this politically motivated witch hunt at the expense of the integrity of a process that protects the very core of collective bargaining."

Last Friday, the Oregon Employment Relations Board ruled that the city must adhere to an arbitrator’s decision and re-hire Ron Frashour. Adams has stated in the past he would fight efforts to have Frashour reinstated.

Frashour shot and killed Aaron Campbell during an encounter outside Campbell’s apartment in 2010. Campbell was unarmed. After an investigation, Frashour was fired for his actions during the shooting.

Turner said the mayor had "snubbed his nose" at the demand from the ERB to reinstate Frashour and claimed Adams is using the controversy for political purposes. He said the mayor's pursuit of Frashour has already cost the city $1 million.

"This is personal for the mayor, he wants to make a statement," Turner said.

Turner also said several reviews of the incident by agencies not related to the union found no misconduct in Frashour's actions and it was time for the mayor to accept the call to reinstate Frashour.

"This is a person who did his job," Turner said of Frashour. "He did what he was trained to do. He did what he had sworn to do, and he trusted the integrity of a process, and the integrity of the police commissioner to be able to agree with that process, which they did."

"And now that the process has gone through all of the stages the mayor now is—uh, I can’t use that word—the mayor is backing out of it," Turner said. "He’s showing the questionable integrity that he’s had all during his tenure. He’s showing that he’s not up to living up to the promises he’s made to the Police Bureau, to the Police Association. And we’re obviously upset about it, but more than that we’re also disillusioned with the fact that he’s our police commissioner."

"Mayor Adams stands alone, unsupported by facts. It's time for him to end this mess and provide the community with closure," Turner said.

He also said he hopes Portland city commissioners do not take the case to the Oregon Court of Appeals. But Tuesday afternoon, City Commissioner Randy Leonard issued a press release saying he would support Adams in an appeals process.

The Portland Police Association also released a statement to the media about the controversy, reiterating many of the points made Turner.

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