Portland-area native one of last Marines to leave Afghanistan

Portland-area native one of last Marines to leave Afghanistan »Play Video
Captain Theo Martin

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A Marine from the Portland area will be one of the last Marines to leave a western province of Afghanistan.

Captain Theo Martin, 31, spent eight months there advising Afghan security forces and believes they’ve become independent enough for his team to go home.

Captain Martin is most looking forward to driving a regular car and getting whatever food he wants.  He’ll first return to his wife in North Carolina, where he’s stationed, but he eventually wants to move back to his hometown in Clackamas County, near Carver, where his parents still live.

This was Captain Martin’s third deployment while in the Marines, and he says each one changes him.

“You never get the easy problems. You always get the hard problems you have to solve, so having to work through that kind of helps gives perspective on life,” Martin said. “I feel like it makes me grow as a person and makes me a better person.”

Captain Martin wants us all to remember U.S. troops are still working hard in Afghanistan, even though the focus has shifted to leaving.

“It’s not very glamorous work, but getting all the American taxpayers’ equipment out of there is going to be an interesting and involved story,” Martin said. “I think it’s important to know there are still a lot of marines, soldiers and sailors over here working very hard.”