Portland baker goes big with holiday apple pie

Portland baker goes big with holiday apple pie

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Over the past 29 years, Bertha has picked up a few pounds.

She’s doubled her weight since then, actually.

Her weight gain is largely due to a steadily increasing mixture of apples, sugar and dough, her main ingredients.

Bertha is a 60 pound apple pie baked by Rebecca Guyot using organic homegrown apples and other ingredients from her garden and jelly factory in Northwest Portland.

Guyot started baking one large pie after too many of her friends and family asked for individual apple pies during the holidays. Yep, she says her pies are that good.

"When I got up to 10-15 pies between friends and family I thought 'that's it, guys, I'm making one apple pie from now on and y'all have to come to my house to eat it,'" Guyot said. "I made the biggest apple pie I could possibly make. It was heaped up; it was huge."

That was 29 years ago. Now Bertha the pie gets pampered more and more each year.

"That 'go big or go home' motto kind of gets me in trouble sometimes," Guyot admitted.

Just a few years ago Bertha weighed just 30 pounds, half of the current 60 pounds.

Up to 30 people can enjoy a piece of this giant pie, including you. Guyot has information on her website about how to buy a slice.

Learn more: Guyot Family Farms

When it's not Thanksgiving week, Guyout makes and sells jellies from her home garden.