Portland hit-and-run driver injures two women in 70s

Portland hit-and-run driver injures two women in 70s »Play Video
Police say this is the minivan they are looking for in Wednesday's hit-and-run that injured two women.

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Police are looking for a minivan that ran down two women in a Portland street and left the scene.

The women walking, ages 71 and 76, were taken to a hospital and are expected to survive. Police say they were hit about 1:40 p.m. Wednesday at S.E. 80th Ave. and S.E. Powell Blvd.

Investigators are asking the public's help in locating a silver or gray, late 1990s Dodge Caravan. It was reportedly driven by a heavy white woman about 50 years old with blond hair.

The minivan may have front end dents and a broken passenger side windshield.

Now police are pointing to new video captured by nearby cameras. They say it proves the driver knows exactly what happened.

They say the driver hit the two women, then cut into a bar's back parking lot and circled back around to see what she hit.

She then stops for a few seconds before turning right back out onto Powell. Police say she drove right past the two women still lying in the street.

KATU's Stephen Mayer contributed to this report.