Portland man brings bike repair shop to your front door

Portland man brings bike repair shop to your front door »Play Video
Tim Ennis opened Rolling Wrench to bring bike repair to your doorstep.

PORTLAND, Ore. - If you ride your bike to work, then you know your equipment is just as important as a car is for a vehicle commuter.  A bicycle breakdown can be just as frustrating as a car breakdown. 

That's why one Portland man is bringing the bicycle repair shop to your front door.

Tim Ennis began his appreciation for bicycles ten years ago when he moved to inner Boston.

"(I) moved out there with my car and ended up getting several hundred dollars worth of parking tickets right off the bat. so I was like, 'this is no good," Ennis said. "So I got rid of the car and got a bike."

His appreciation for bikes grew as his collection grew, and he started to work at bike repair shops.

"The whole idea of having to leave your bike for two or three days when you're relying on it every day to commute didn't make a lot of sense," Ennis said.
So he decided to start his own bike repair shop, Rolling Wrench, which comes to you.  He has everything he needs to repair your broken bike in a trailer he totes behind his own bicycle.

Ennis says he "can go out to somebody's house and do a complete overhaul of a bike".
Ennis thought he would end up repairing a lot of flat tires and helping people stranded on the road.  Turns out he books a lot of scheduled appointments and sets up bike clinics for larger companies.

Ennis says his charge depends on what you need done; a basic tune-up is about $40, while a complete bike overhaul can be as much as $150.

You can check prices on his website.