Police officer fires shot, suspect jumps out window

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ALOHA, Ore. - A Portland Police Bureau officer working as part of a multi-agency task force fired at least one shot at a wanted suspect during a raid in Aloha on Tuesday afternoon.

The suspect then ended up diving out a closed third story window and landing on dirt below as he tried to get away, police said.

A spokesman said the Portland officer was working with the U.S. Marshal's fugitive task force tracking down a man wanted in a strangulation case out of Beaverton from the weekend.

Members of the task force said they were trying to arrest 25-year-old Michael Anthony Tate who was at an apartment on Southwest Rosa Road in Aloha. They had had the apartment under surveillance since Tuesday morning, police said and at about noon they had confirmation that Tate was inside.

During the raid, officers entered the apartment and the Portland officer fired at least one time.

"The individual they were looking for dove out of the window and landed out on the dirt," said Sgt. Bob Ray with the Washington County Sheriff's Office.
Tate was taken to Oregon Health and Science University, although we don’t know if he was shot, injured during the fall or was otherwise hurt.

Neighbor Jeannette Ryan said she heard glass crashing and officers yell "stay down, don't move."

Tate had an outstanding warrant for a probation violation.

He was arrested Aug. 2 and spent 11 days in jail, but he was released eight days ago. Six days ago police said was when he tried to strangle a woman in Beaverton. Police said he was also wanted for crimes associated with the Beaverton incident that included second-degree felony assault, strangulation and menacing.

Tate has a history of felony assaults: One in 2004 and another in 2007. He served five years locked up for the 2007 assault and had just gotten out of the Oregon State Prison in October.

KATU News reporter Thom Jensen contributed to this report.