Portland ties for second-most bikeable city

Portland ties for second-most bikeable city

Portland is a bike-friendly city, but it still has room for improvement if it wants to be the top bike-friendly city in America.

Portland ranked No. 2 on the list of Top 10 Bikeable Cities by Bike Score, Walk Score’s quantitative measurement of the bikeablility in cities. Cities are scored on a 0-100 scale based on availability of bike infrastructure such as bike lanes and trails, the hilliness of the area, amenities, road connectivity and the number of bike commuters, the Portland Business Journal reported.

Portland, with a score of 70, ranked behind No. 1 Minneapolis, with a score of 79. Rounding out the top five are San Francisco, also with a score of 70; Boston, with a score of 68; and Madison, Wis., with a score of 67.

Seattle, with a score of 64, ranked No. 7.

"Bicycling saves money on gas and fosters better health and a cleaner environment. But the best part about it is not being trapped in traffic," said Josh Herst, CEO of Walk Score in a press release. "Biking can turn your commute into the best part of your day."

To calculate scores, Bike Score applied its algorithm block-by-block throughout a city and weighted the scores by populations and density. Cities with a score of 70 or higher are considered to be very bikeable.

The full list of Top 10 Bikeable Cities is available here.

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