Possible cougar sighting reported in SW Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A cougar may have been spotted in Southwest Portland on Tuesday afternoon.

Portland police responded at about 2 p.m. to a report of a cougar in the area of Southwest Sam Jackson Road and 10th Avenue, above Oregon Health and Science University.

Someone called police and reported seeing from a hospital window a large animal with a 6-foot  tail behind a residence in the 3300 block of Southwest 10th Avenue.

The woman said the animal was about 20 yards from the hospital window.

"It's still there. We're in Portland. It's kinda creepy," she told the 911 dispatcher, according to a recording of the phone conversation.

The caller and another person told police they are hunters and are familiar with cougars, according to a news bulletin from the Portland Police Bureau. Officers combed the area and could not find the cougar.

Wildlife officials advise anyone who encounters a cougar to stay calm, not approach the animal and stand up and not crouch. Officials also encourage people to fight back if attacked. The list of tips from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife also encourages people to keep children close.

Anyone who sees a cougar is asked to call 911.

Click on the "listen" button to hear the original 911 call.