Prescription drug give-back

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PORTLAND, Ore- One by one they came to clean house.

130 people., unloaded 585 pounds of medications they don't want or need anymore.

Harriet Maizels remembers the days when you could just return them to the pharmacy, but can't do that anymore.

So Portland Police with help from the DEA, host drug take back days about twice a year.

They say too many kids, up to 20% in a recent survey, admit to abusing prescription drugs. Drugs they often get from their parent's medicine cabinet.

Maizels saw that first hand with her kids' friends when they were younger.

"They would come into school and they were passing out on the playgrounds. They weren't getting drugs they bought somewhere, they were getting things they took out of the parents pill bottles," Maizels said.

Now she's getting rid of her pills to keep her great grand kids safe.

Police take all to the incinerator. That's safer than flushing them down the toilet which can taint the water supply.

If you missed Saturday's event, police have setup drop boxes which are always available at all four of their precincts.