Raccoon gets into a brawl with a pit bull and its owner

Raccoon gets into a brawl with a pit bull and its owner »Play Video
Bridie Olinger holds her pit bull, Dio, following the attack. KATU photo.

MILWAUKIE, Ore. - Some local residents are on the lookout for a raccoon that got into a violent spat with a dog and its owner.

Bridie Olinger and her 4-year-old pit bull, Dio, still have the evidence of the fight all over them.

It all started when an unwanted raccoon wandered into their yard in the 11000 block of Southeast 34th Avenue.

The animal growled and hissed and that's when the raccoon and dog went after each other.  Olinger tried to get in the middle of it all.

"That's when I reached down and I choked it," she said. "Because I was trying to grab it to huck it over the fence."

The raccoon latched onto her and she ended up kicking it away. The animal took off but Olinger is concerned that the raccoon might encounter a child in the neighborhood. She set a trap to try to catch it.

"I'm a full grown adult and it did a number on me," she said.

Olinger suffered minor cuts and bruises from the attack. Her doctor told her she didn't have to get a rabies shot because there have only been two raccoon attacks on people in Oregon in the last five years.

Most of the time raccoons will not attack unless they feel threatened or have rabies. If one does turn violent, here's what you should do:

  • If your pet is attacked, avoid touching any area that might contain the rabies virus, such as saliva on your pet's coat. And of course, take your pet to a veterinarian to get checked out.
  • If you are scratched or bitten, wash with warm soap and then see a doctor immediately.