Rape allegations: UO releases more heavily blacked out emails

Rape allegations: UO releases more heavily blacked out emails »Play Video
The University of Oregon released page after page of blacked out emails to KATU Thursday after the TV station asked for them through a public records request. The emails were the second batch released to KATU that were heavily redacted.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Part of the outrage from the woman who accused three University of Oregon basketball players of rape – and from the public after finding out about the alleged incident – has been the perceived lack of transparency by the university.

More emails released by the university to KATU News on Thursday shed no new light on how the investigation played out at the same time the team was advancing in the NCAA tournament.

Page after page of those emails is blacked out. KATU submitted a public records request for the emails almost a month ago just hours after the allegations became public.

The request asked for emails from head Coach Dana Altman, President Michael Gottfredson and other coaches and administrators who might have known about the allegations before the public knew about them.

All that can be seen in the emails released Thursday are the public statements from the university about the investigation. There are also several emails celebrating the team’s NCAA tournament appearance.

But questions remain about whether the coaches or administrators intentionally kept the rape investigation secret while the team tried to advance in the tournament.

The district attorney’s office didn't charge any of the three basketball players, Brandon Austin, Damyean Dotson and Dominic Artis after the police investigation, but Altman did kick them off the team.

The DA said there was not enough evidence against the players to charge them with any crime.

This is the second batch of emails KATU’s received from the university in the past two weeks that have been heavily redacted.

The university says that’s because of student privacy laws.