'Regular Boy Scouts are very restrictive. This is for everyone'

'Regular Boy Scouts are very restrictive. This is for everyone'

PORTLAND, Ore. – You only need to give Kael Wittwer one reason to ditch the Boy Scouts and join the new alternative Cascadia Scouts.

“The Boy Scouts don’t get good knives,” he said. “The Boy Scouts just get little knives.”

Kael Wittwer gets a Leatherman. That’s his favorite part of the new group that he and his dad helped create: The Cascadia Scouts.

“Regular Boy Scouts are very restrictive,” said Kael. “This is for everyone.”

In the Cascadia Scouts, boys and girls will go on camping trips together. Nobody cares whether you’re gay, straight or religious.

At least a few dozen families went to an informational meeting on Sunday.

Kael’s dad, Travis Wittwer, helped found the new group. He says it’s a Portland spin on a very old institution.

“Everything takes a little different spin when you try to Portlandize it,” he said. “I think the trick is not to be exclusive. Not to worry. Not to be concerned with what might keep somebody out.”

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