Child porn video investigation: The Yashanee Vaughn connection

Child porn video investigation: The Yashanee Vaughn connection »Play Video
Photo by Shannon L. Cheesman, Producer/Reporter.

PORTLAND, Ore. - One of the men arrested in connection with a child porn video involving two young girls is the brother of Yashanee Vaughn, a teenage girl who was murdered two years ago.

The case was a high profile one and that's just one of the connections that has surfaced as details are emerging about that video.

Earlier this week, police announced they had arrested four young men - accusing them of making child pornography with local kids and then putting it on YouTube.

KATU has since discovered that the alleged sex video was taped at a house we have reported from before - Yashanee Vaughn's grandmother's home off Southeast 89th Avenue. It's the same house that used to be called the 'search headquarters' when the teen was missing.

Yashanee Vaughn was just 14 years old in 2011 when she disappeared under suspicious circumstances. Her body was recovered months later after a teenage boy who was the prime suspect opened up and told searchers where to look.

We went back to the house on Friday looking for answers about a party that was recently held there - a party where investigators believe four men sexually abused two young girls and videotaped the crime. The video later ended up on YouTube and then spread to Facebook.

One of the young men arrested - 20-year-old Cedrell Washington - is Yashanee Vaughn's brother. He lives at the home. Neighbors know Washington's face and they know his troubles.

One neighbor told us that probation officers often come looking for the young man. Another neighbor, Chris Morrison, said there was often police activity going to and from the house. He said just last Thursday, his fiance heard police busting down the door.

"She was frightened by it," Morrison said. "Tried to figure out what was going on and was basically greeted by a SWAT team."

What was happening was that police were serving a search warrant in connection to that child porn video that was posted and shared on social media a few weeks ago. Morrison said knowing that type of thing was allegedly going on right next door is disturbing.

"I have an 8-year-old and 12-year-old stepdaughter inside," he said. "That doesn't settle well, makes me uneasy."

The arrests were made after a staff member at Centennial Middle School saw the video on a student's Facebook page and recognized one of the victims as a student at the school.

Washington and the three other men - 18-year-old Terry Scott, 22-year-old Deshawn Rogers and 23-year-old Nicholas Clisby are facing a number of sex crime charges.

From left to right: Cedrell Washington, Deshawn Rogers, Nicholas Clisby and Terry Scott.