Rescuers pull dog from 15-foot deep hole

Rescuers pull dog from 15-foot deep hole
Photo courtesy of Portland Fire & Rescue.

PORTLAND, Ore. - A dog was rescued from the bottom of a deep hole on Thanksgiving Day.

The dog, named Frito, was out in the backyard at a house on Southeast 104th Avenue when he fell into a 15-foot pit that was either an old well or cesspool. The hole was about 15 feet deep and two feet across.

A trench rescue team with Portland Fire & Rescue placed ground pads around the hole to prevent collapse and then firefighters used an animal restraint pole and rope to get the pooch out of his predicament.

The dog, named Frito, had been stuck in the hole for about an hour but was uninjured.

The hole was then covered up to prevent another accident.