Reunited with the past: 'That's God's Christmas present to her'

Reunited with the past: 'That's God's Christmas present to her' »Play Video
Anastasia Allen looks through baby books and family pictures that John Dorsey (right) had found in a storage unit in The Dalles. Dorsey had been trying for the past year to find the items' owner.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A stranger, with the help of KATU News, reunited a woman with the priceless possessions she thought she had lost forever.

John Dorsey found boxes of family pictures, baby books and other memorabilia belonging to Anastasia Allen in a storage unit in The Dalles. He’s been trying for the last year to find her without success.

Knowing how valuable those items might be, Dorsey called KATU News, who helped track down Anastasia Allen and arranged a time for the two to meet.

"Thank you so much," Allen said through tears as she gave Dorsey a hug.

"I knew you would want that stuff back," Dorsey responded. 

Anastasia continued to show her gratitude as she rummaged through the items she hadn’t seen for at least three years.

"My daughter's first haircut," she said, pointing to a picture. "I will probably go home and go through it all and cry and cry."

Due to personal circumstances, Allen hasn't seen her children for a year, so the items mean that much more to her.

"It's amazing to know there's still people out there that have the heart and compassion," she said.

"It makes my heart feel real good to be able to give her back the memories," Dorsey said. "That's God's Christmas present to her."