Right 2 Dream Too fined $12K

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PORTLAND, Ore. - City leaders have sent a bill for over $12,000 to an organization that runs a homeless rest area in downtown Portland.

For the past few years, we've followed the fight over Right 2 Dream Too at Northwest 4th and Burnside in Old Town.

The Bureau of Development Services has said in the past that the area is in violation of two codes - illegal camping and a fence that is higher than six feet. But rest area organizers want the city to waive the fines and work with them, not against them.

"I don't know how they plan to get money from people who don't have money, but we're going to stay here," said Right 2 Dream Too organizer Ibrahim Mubarak.

The group did sue the city back in December claiming that people's civil rights were being violated.

Organizers say they plan to meet with Mayor Charlie Hales and other city council members to try to come up with a solution.