Right 2 Dream Too closer to getting new home; 21 possible sites

Right 2 Dream Too closer to getting new home; 21 possible sites »Play Video
Homeless campers have pitched tents on a lot at West Burnside and Fourth Avenue.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- It's a homeless camp that will soon be packing up.

Supporters of Right 2 Dream Too are willing to move, but they've said from the beginning they want to stay close to downtown, near transit lines and city services.

That's why some were surprised an empty lot all the way in Milwaukie off Southeast Johnson Creek Boulevard made it into the final cut of 21 of possible locations for a new home.

Perhaps no one was more surprised than Debbie McCann, who works just down the street from the lot.

"This is a dead end secluded road. There's basically nobody around here. I'm here a lot by myself. We have people in and out throughout the night. A lot of equipment around. I'm a little nervous, I'm really nervous about it," McCann said.

The sites, a mix of empty lots or vacant buildings span the whole city, with price tags ranging from $225,000 to $3,000,000.

Also on the list, the old Paper Plus building off East Burnside, which is just a few blocks from where Right 2 Dream Too sits now.

The building is right across the street from the Trio Club.

"We weren't hit with a lot of good feedback at first," general manager Tina McDaniel said.

McDaniel says they've had to work hard to prove they fit in here. She says things are picking up now but she's worried all that progress will be lost if Right 2 Dream Too moves in.

City leaders stress this is still a work in progress. They wouldn't give a timeline on when they will make a final decision.