'Right on impact. Boom - there was flames'

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ALOHA, Ore. - Lezel Ames has a lot to be thankful for, even if the memory of the fiery car crash that she and her 3-year-old son survived brings tears to her eyes.

"It's that impact - it's seeing that fire again. It's really, it's fresh - it's still fresh in my mind," she said.

The crash happened last week on Farmington Road between Southwest 209th Avenue and Clark Hill Road.

Ames, who is pregnant, said she was driving to work with her son in the back seat when she saw headlights coming at her.

"And it started getting foggy. I saw the headlights, swerved and before I knew it I hit the tree," she said. "It just happened within seconds."

"Right on impact. Boom - there was flames," she said.

Ames was able to crawl out of the vehicle but she had a broken bone in her chest and was too weak to pull her son from his car seat in the back of the burning car.

"I was calling out 'help, somebody help me, somebody help me,' " she said.

Somebody did come to her aid - Isidro Franco-Garcia. The newspaper delivery man had come across the crash and he jumped into action, pulling the boy from the burning car. Had he not been there, the boy might have died.

"I'm very grateful for the driver's help," said Ames.

Ames' 3-year-old son, who ended up with just a few scratches, will be a big brother soon. Ames, who is about 17 weeks pregnant, got the good news that her unborn baby is a healthy baby boy.

"I honestly believe that God is working in our family and watching over us," she said. "Or how can you explain these things happening?"