Sen. Wyden: 'This is as good as it gets'

Sen. Wyden: 'This is as good as it gets'
Sen. Ron Wyden.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Senator Ron Wyden has some big news to share – he and his wife are expecting a baby.

Wyden announced the news to his staff in an e-mail this week, according to spokesman Tom Towslee.

“It is the kind of news that I wish I could tell all of you in person, but honestly I have had to keep this secret long enough,” the Democratic senator wrote to staffers.

Wyden, 63, married Nancy Bass Wyden, 51, in 2005.

“Yes, it sounds incredible, but YES Nancy is pregnant!” he wrote. “For Nancy and I, this is as good as it gets.”

The Wydens also have twins who were born in 2007. Senator Wyden also has two children from a previous marriage – Lilly, 22, and Adam, 28.

Dr. Leonardo Pereira at Oregon Health and Science University told KATU that pregnant women over 35 make up the fastest growing group of new moms.

Still, he said there are risks involved such as birth defects. The risks go up dramatically after age 45, he said.

"The risk for miscarriage is increased," Pereira said. "(The) majority of women over 45 will miscarry if they get pregnant."

But that doesn't deter some mothers. New mother Debbie Donison and her husband Trevor are expecting a child in October. Debbie will be 50 years old when the due date comes.

"The pregnancy isn't as easy as it was with my other one," she said. "But I'm just really excited. I'm so excited to have this baby. It's so wanted and loved already."

Despite the risks, Donison said she is more financially stable at her age and more mature.

"I honestly couldn't be happier," she said.