Hundreds of runners gather at Eastbank Esplanade to support Boston

Hundreds of runners gather at Eastbank Esplanade to support Boston »Play Video
The Portland Triathlon Club board of directors brought Portland runners together at the Eastbank Esplanade. Runners showed their support for the athletes, their families and those competitors who were tragically injured and killed by the explosions at the Boston Marathon, by running a 1 mile loop over the Steel and Hawthorne bridge. - 4/17 - (Kai Hayashi /

PORTLAND, Ore. - Hundreds of people packed the Eastbank Esplanade Wednesday night to run in support of those who died and were injured in the blasts at the Boston Marathon.

"There are no words for the amount of terror - there are no words," said runner Katie Bauer.

The Portland Triathalon Club posted the event on Facebook on Tuesday thinking a few dozen folks would turn out but they were way off.

And the run wasn't about celebrating or going for a medal - it was about remembering what happened in Boston and how it hits a little too close to home.

"It re-instills your faith in humanity that for every one awful person out there, there are hundreds of thousands of people who believe in humanity and the good," said runner Katie Kelley.

In another show of support from the running community, the Portland Marathon (which is coming up in October) will now be dedicated to the victims and their families in Boston. The marathon is also selling t-shirts for $30 to raise money for the victims' families.