SE Portland residents wake to slashed tires; two sought

SE Portland residents wake to slashed tires; two sought

PORTLAND, Ore. - Police are looking for two people after a number of vehicles had their tires slashed Tuesday morning in Southeast Portland.

Portland Police said they investigated a call at about 5 a.m. near SE 30th Avenue and SE Franklin Street and discovered 14 vehicles with slashed tires.

"First thing when I came out I thought I just had a left rear tire that was kinda flat and the car seemed a bit lower," said Ken Reinking.

Tim Rasmussen also noticed that something wasn't quite right.

"Every car on the block I think, except for one," he said. "Eight plus car all slashed, at least two tires."

Carol Dumond said she got the worst of it.

"I'm very proud there's a vehicle here that only had two tires slashed and another that only had three, but they got all four of mine," said Dumond.

An officer speaking with a person who called dispatchers said the witness saw two people walking quickly away from the scene.

The two people were described as 5 feet 7 inches tall and wearing dark clothing. Police said it was not clear if the two were suspects but "they were in the area at the time of the crimes."

Police left cards with the vehicles that had slashed tires and ask anyone who had their tires slashed to file a report online by visiting

"The worst thing about it is a lot of people in my neighborhood can't afford to have these tires replaced," said Renking, who had an idea for an appropriate punishment for the vandals responsible.

"They need to go to work for a tire shop and repair a whole bunch of tires for people and maybe do some community service."