Couple tracks down man who tried to get their daughter into minivan

Couple tracks down man who tried to get their daughter into minivan »Play Video
Yrma Hernandez

SALEM, Ore. - Yrma Hernandez says her 15-year-old daughter was on her way home along a North Salem street Monday when a man pulled up in a van beside her daughter.

“There was a car behind him and so he pulled into this area,” Hernandez said. “This business that's no longer here.”

The man kept trying to convince the teenage girl to let him give her a ride home.

“He insisted that he knew her - 'I know you, I know you' and she was like 'no, you're not, no you don't. How do you want me to get in your car when you don't even know me?' And she was scared at that point, 'cause he opened up his car door to her,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez filed a report with Salem police and was disappointed police didn't put out a public warning.

“We had a vague description of the vehicle, vague description of the driver. And so we didn't have much on it at that point. We also checked, we had not had any contacts of this nature and no other incidents matching this description," said Lt. Dave Okada of the Salem Police Department.

Hernandez’s husband spotted the van Thursday morning at a Salem gas station convenience store.

It belonged to the manager. The couple confronted him.

“I told him, you know, I'm gonna call the police,” Hernandez said. “He was like 'no, no, no. There's no need, no need to call the police.”

The man explained to police that he lives near Hernandez's family and in his native Pakistan offering rides is common.

The van owner didn’t return KATU's phone call. Police said he didn't commit a crime.

Yrma Hernandez is not so sure.

“He better not ever go near me or my daughter,” Hernandez says. “Or any other child or anybody again.”