Salvation Army finds gold among red kettle coins

Salvation Army finds gold among red kettle coins »Play Video
The three coins found in the Salvation Army's red kettle outside a Hillsboro Fred Meyer.

HILLSBORO, Ore. - The Salvation Army in Hillsboro has received a much needed boost from an anonymous donor.

When bell ringers were done for the day on Monday, they counted the coins they collected, but it wasn't long before they found something out of the ordinary: three gold coins.
Someone dropped them in a kettle outside the Fred Meyer in Hillsboro. The Salvation Army thinks the coins are worth at least $250 each.

“It was a lot of fun,” Lt. Emmanuel Masango with the Salvation Army said. “We had a couple people with smart phones so they quickly went on there and said “hey, this is worth this much,” so we were really excited.”
They don't know who dropped off the coins, but the donation came at the right time.
Kettle revenue is down 25 percent in the Portland metro area, bad news at a time when donations are really needed.

“We even had somebody do a little happy dance,“ Masango said.