Santa's workshop modest, but he's still in high demand

Santa's workshop modest, but he's still in high demand »Play Video
The single-wide trailer is a modest setup but Santa still brings Christmas joy to kids.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- At first glance, the Eastport Plaza looks like your typical strip mall. It has tons of shopping options, a place to get that last-minute haircut and, of course, Santa. Santa in a single-wide trailer, that is.

But don't let Saint Nick's modest setup fool you, this Santa is in high demand.

His single-wide sleigh is packed with eager kids. You see, families seek him out. Maybe it's because he's been doing this for 30 years and has heard Christmas wish lists from 60,000 kids.

"What's my trick? I just love the kids," Santa said.

He doesn't just put on the costume and put in his eight hours, he really cares. That's why everything at this workshop is completely free.

"They aren't been rushed and commercialized. They don't have to buy a picture packet to get to Santa. They are getting to take their own pictures. For good, bad or indifferent, that picture is their picture," Santa said.